How does IQOS work?

The arrival of IQOS vapes revolutionized the tobacco in-take experience. Many people switched from the burning tobacco to heating tobacco, which is the root of IQOS.  

IQOS is the abbreviation of “I quit original smoking” it was an idea given by Philip Morris.


Now it is ruling over the planet as a reasonable alternative to smoking cigarettes. The majority of the people who haven’t used IQOS yet, confuse it with e-cigarettes. To clear this confusion, we are here to guide you about this. If you are thinking about switching to IQOS, read it till the end, and then make a firm decision.

How IQOS work?

IQOS is a non-smoking alternative of cigarettes, which is less harmful than the traditional cigarettes in which tobacco is burnt. IQOS device has a tobacco heating chamber. In this chamber, IQOS heets are inserted. These heets have tobacco in it, and that’s why these heets are also called tobacco heat sticks. When the heating chamber heats up the heets, the person having IQOS enjoys the tobacco puffs. 


What are the benefits of IQOS?

Although IQOS devices are not a healthy or risk-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, they are much less risky than cigarettes. There are a lot many benefits of using this devices. We are going to share some of them here. Let’s have a view of them without delay more.

No burn

In IQOS devices, no-burn technology is used. It helps you keep your surroundings safe from the cigarette burn. You don’t need to worry about burning your clothes or anything like that. You can enjoy the IQOS experience without wasting time wondering if it could cause a fire.

Heets stick

No harmful smoke

The best thing about IQOS devices is that these devices don’t emit harmful smoke as the cigarettes do. The smoke of cigarettes is too harmful to the person who uses it, but it is equally harmful to the people in a smoker’s surroundings. IQOS eradicated the risk of harmful smoke. 

Stylishly designed devices

IQOS devices are so stylish that people love them. They are available in different models with added features. These IQOS devices not only enhance the smoking experience but also look stylish.


A fusion of different flavors

The IQOS devices are available in different flavors that add taste to your experience. IQOS heets are available in different flavors infused with the traditional tobacco flavor.

From where, you can buy IQOS?

Now, lots of people would be thinking about where to buy IQOS. Many site are available online that provides you with the facility of buying IQOS online. You must keep in mind that these sites will only sell you IQOS devices if you are above 21; otherwise, they don’t give you IQOS.

If you are wondering about the price of IQOS, you will be pleased to know that these sites are selling these items at reasonable prices. Stop wondering where to buy IQOS and order your device now in our store to start a new experience! 

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